ID Quote
3001 And don't load it up with a buncha bull shit!
3003 Men's Asses
3006 Are we gonna fuck or what?
3007 Fuckin' piece of shits! I'll kick your ass!
3008 NO! ...NO! ...NO! ...BUTT FUCK!
4001 Ah dammit. Ah dammit. Ahhh dammit. Bitch. Ah dam*burp*mit.
4002 B, as in Blimp
4003 Well at least you'll still have all your aunts and uncles...and all that bullshit.
4004 My ass could write a better song than these guys, with one cheek tied behind my balls!
5001 What's all that damn noise?!
5002 I called her a bitch right in front of her tits.
5004 If I don't get a full refund, I'm gonna take you to small claims court, and take my business TO COMCAST.
5005 I'm too pissed to give a shit!
5006 You're a faggot.
5007 P, as in Pittsburgh
6001 Ah fuck it! Fuck it!
6002 I was charged for the second goddamn fuckin' month in a row!
6004 Youuuuuuuuu Faggot!
7001 You piece of shit.
7003 Alf. ALF. You're 93 years old and you don't even know who Alf is? ...Piece of crap!
7004 I wouldn't fuck her with your dick, or cock.
8001 There's ladies everywhere you dumbass.
8002 Well, right now we're at the ass end of the First Baptist Church.
8004 Holy shit! I gotta go! Some squirrel's fuckin' my tomatoes!
10002 And what the bull fuckin' hell is a franchise fee, of 4 dollars and 62 damn cents?!
10005 Dammit, these fish sticks are hard as tits!
11001 Fuck him. He's an asshole.
11002 I'm gettin' done sick and all goddamn tired of all these looters...and polluters!
11004 When I die and go to Heaven and see God, I'm gonna say
12001 Suck my cocks! You faggot!
12004 Fuuuuuuuuuck, asshole!
12005 I have to live in this hell hole!
12006 I'm sorry. I got fucked.
13001 Yes. He's a long-legged pissed off Puerto Rican.
13002 I talk to my son on a dick...daily basis!
14002 This is bullshit!
15001 FUCK! DAMMIT! What the hell is that shit? You hear that shit? Someone go find out where the fuck the noise is comin' from!
15002 He's probably gettin' fucked in the ass!
15003 And once you see my dick, YOU WON'T WANT IT
15004 Shirlena? Ah Shit!
15005 BITCH! ...I love you.
15007 DICK!
16001 You mean Colonel Cluster Fuck?
16003 Dammit this is good shit. FUCK!
17001 I could shit a better Kool-Aid commercial!
17003 You look like 200 pounds of bird SHIT!
17005 He's not playing with a full dick!
18002 That's my ASS!
18003 Bullshit!
18005 Where's my fuckin' glasses?
19001 Alright! Who wrinkled my Randy Travis poster, pissed in the seat and hid my keys?!
19002 Where'd the assholes that built this place put the bathrooms?!
19004 Ha ha ha ha ha ha ah SHIT! Ah FUCK!
19005 I don't have time for this chicken-shit bullshit.
20001 And then the manager called me a dumbass, like he's my dad and shit!
20003 G, as in Goggles
20004 I don't hate gays, but if some faggot ever tries to touch me I'll...WHAT!
21003 P, as in Perm
22001 AH HA HA HA HA HA HA Your Grandpa's an ass!!! ha ha ha ha
22002 You're mom's the one that dicks with eggnog, not me.
22005 And the letter D, as in DALLAS
23001 Go touch his dick.
24001 I wouldn't fuck her with my own ass.
24003 Shit. All's I got is 40 dollars.
25002 Fuck him too!
27003 My wife was fucking everybody in BISMARCK.
28002 What's that dumbass want now?
28003 You motherfuckers! PISS!
28004 You piece of shit! You have balls! You ass!
28005 Is that that big black woman you work with?
29002 Piss. Holy shit. Dammit. Fuck the lottery. Shit!
29004 You can take those 5 cent Sundays and stick them up your fuckin' ass!
30002 Fuck you kid you're a dick.
31001 C, as in Charles
31002 And by the way you cocksuck-BASTARDS
31003 Fuck you you piece of sh...
31004 That's right. $500 worth of BULL SHIT.
31005 Sounds like Chewbacca takin' a shit! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra!
31006 PISS!
31007 We're gonna be out of the butt, and into the fuck if we don't come up with that 36 dollars.
32001 It feels like I have 500 pounds of fat ass on my chest!
32002 What the hell was that? ...Well quit it!
32004 Ohhhhhhh Shit! ...Shit!
33001 This is the second time I've been fucked by Dairy Queen!
34002 Calm down, calm down. Don't get a big dick!
36002 Head and Shoulders my ass!
36003 Wait a minute you dick!
36005 Fuck you and every mall Santa that looks like you!
36006 Fuck the phone!
37002 I pissed!
37003 I'd like to see you try to walk a mile, IN MY SHIT!
37004 Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you in the ass!
37005 NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
38003 What do you mean, a bird?!
38004 I walked in to pick up my fuckin' glasses, and I couldn't stop callin' people dicks!
39002 Holy dumb fuck. What is this shit?
40002 Kiss my ass
40003 My Ass!
42003 I'd like to meet the motherfucker that named it Fashion Bug, and shove a broom up his ass!
44004 Youuuuuuuuu Bitch!
44005 Ronald McGoddamn Donald
45002 W, as in Wheel barrel
45004 Goddammit I said water! ...water! ...water! ...WATER
48001 Holy shit! Why aren't you wearing a shirt?
48002 UPDATE! Apparently nobody gives a shit so fuck him!
48003 I am pissed!
48005 That, and her spaghetti sucked dick.
50001 Fuck you Head and Shoulders!
50002 Fuck you and your...pussy whipped friends!
50003 Fuck horses!
50004 It's what happens when Alex Trebek has a picture of a giraffe in his ass during an earthquake.
50005 I watched all 12 hours. When it was finished I said, 'shit'
51001 Pull into here.
51002 UPDATE! Last night, somebody broke in and stole over $500 worth of shit from my place.
51003 You ass!
51004 I love my grandma Janelle. She's the sweetest person in the entire world, and God bless her. BUT SHE'S OLD AS FUCK!
51005 Uh-huh, uh-huh...ARE YOU SHITTIN' ME?!!
52005 You can't do shit without your balls!
52006 All you ever do, is stay at home and play with your tits, and look at your ass at the same time. Duuuuuh!
53001 You got a flat tire. Ahhh shit.
53004 But now he just sits at home, with his ass up his ass!
53005 Where's mah pants? Where's mah pants? Where's mah damn pants?
54001 Dammit. SHIT! SHIT!
54002 *cough* *cough* *cough* bullshit!
54003 It's easy for Dennis to give a shit because Dennis is so full of shit!
55003 Last time I gave a shit, I got fucked!
56001 Don't put the beer back.
56003 It's embarrassing as fuck to have a ass!
57001 Oh, you dumbass!
58002 Let me tell you about a porcupine's balls. They're small and they don't give a shit!
58003 I didn't talk to nobody yesterday. I was in the car takin' a shit!
60001 I'd like to tit fuck her ass!
60002 Suck my dick or cock!
60003 I'd like to punch him right in the stupid cock!
61002 Who gives a shit about Bigfoot?
61004 Wait a minute you asshole I'm brushing ma teeth.
61006 Turn it down. Assholes!
61007 Owww fuck! Woah shit! Owww..SHIT!
62001 I was told that I was gonna have Showtime, free for the first 3 damn months!
62003 B, as in Barbells
62004 Turn it down before I grab my ass in front of your face!
63001 Oh WOAH SHIT!
64001 You have Balls!
64003 He played Data on Star Trek.
64004 Why don't you just FUCK OFF!!!
65002 Who the hell is Rick Moranis?
65003 Where's the paper towels?!
65004 I said fuck you first so FUCK YOU!
66001 Tonight on Unsolved Mysteries, find out who gives a shit about Bigfoot!
66002 Yes it does. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra!
66003 Why don't you make like a banana, and Shit!
67001 Oh what the hell, I guess so.
67002 *cough* *cough* *cough* my ass!
67004 Lick my balls, you bastard!
68001 Oh no!
68003 And it made me feel like a piece of shit!
69001 Who's that faggot with the tuba?
69002 OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, I said bacon and eggs!
69003 What the fuck are you talkin' about?
70001 FFFF...I don't even know who the fuck that is but FUCK HIM TOO!
70003 I can't see shit! ...You go to hell!
71002 Big black woman with big tits you can't miss her.
71003 What the fuck! Dammit! Holy Shit! PISS! You ASS! Oh SHIT! FUCK YOU!
71004 I don't give a shit about your shit!
72001 I'll throw my shoe at your faggot ass!
72002 *cough* *cough* *cough* fuck you!
72004 I'm gonna take a piss. And when I come back, I'm gonna talk about the Mighty Duck movies
73002 I had to turn all my clocks back an hour. By the time I got to the last clock, my ass turned to Jello.
73003 FUCK YOU!
73004 I'M NOT AFRAID OF SHIT! ...except snakes.
74001 This is a buncha bull shit.
74003 My grandpa died 15 years ago, and nobody gave a shit!
75001 She has nice ass.
75004 Fashion Bug
76001 Fuck him. He's an ass.
76002 FAGGOT!
76003 OUCH! Motherfucker you hit me in the dick! You're lucky it wasn't hard!
76005 That was a good shit.
77002 J, as in Josh
78003 I don't give a dead moose's last shit!
80001 E, as in Aaaeggs
80002 I meant this thing not my dick!
80003 Fatass! ...Dickhead!
81003 FUCK SALT!
81004 Turn that shit down! PISS! Oh Shit! Dammit!
82001 Holy Shit! ...Oh Fuck! ...Dammit! ...Shplitzch!
233001 That just means she likes what I like
234001 I want a biggie fries, and gimmie some shit to drink!
235001 Motherfucker, I'll kick your ass!
236001 I have balls!
238001 Fuck the Philippines! They can fill up my ass
332002 Fuck Me!
351001 Well you tell him that I said I wouldn't piss on him if he was on Jeopardy!
352001 I wouldn't Google Limp Bizkit with your dick!
353001 Remember that fat wrestler from the 1980's named Dusty Rhodes? Man, he was a piece of shit!
354001 I said fuck me
355001 Does this look like the ass of someone who would know if Jiffy Lube is open on Sundays?
355002 Don't talk shit about Total!
355003 I'll shove a can of Pringles up that preacher's ass. And be happy to tell him about it.
355004 I hope this is the Puff Daddy version of this song, not that Sting piece of shit!
355005 Pissing out the window and shitting out the window are two different things!
355006 Ah fuck you, you're grounded!
355007 I'd kill myself too if my last name was COMBS!!!
355008 Piss! Piss! Ah Piss! Piss! Piss! Piss! Piss...
355009 You get your retarded ass in the bathroom and shave your side-BURNS!
355010 ASS...ASS...ASS...ASSSSS
355011 Fuck you you piece of shit!
355012 Oh SHIT! SORRY!
355013 You can go to Jolly Pirate Donuts and take a 2 hour shit for all I care!
355014 I'm not wearing this cologne for you people. I'm just doin' it for that bitch at church!
355015 Ah shit. Let me answer the damn phone... PISS.
355016 BALLS!
355017 That's not Mickey Mouse that's just TIT DIRT!
356001 No no no no no no no...NO!!!
356002 Damn the referee! Damn him in the ass!
356003 I'm gonna scotch tape your ass shut!
356004 Just how much ass are we talkin' about?
356005 If she was a car, she would be a 4-door Ford whore!
356006 Shirlena treated me like a shit
356007 You're a big ass waste of shit!
356008 Hurry up, you shit boat!
356009 Tonight! On Unsolved Shit!
356010 That clock is full of shit!
356011 Then I had to use the bathroom, and 50 people watched!!!
356012 You need me in the ass
356013 Quit bullshitting
356014 You guys really pissed me off! I told my whole family I was gonna be on. Shit!
356015 I just don't give a shit about Wheel of Fortune anymore!
356016 If I ever see Vanna White in person, I'll call her a bitch!
356017 Then I'll tie Pat Sajak to a telephone pole, and let a UPS guy butt fuck him!
356018 *cough* *cough* Oh Shit!
356019 *cough* *cough* Fuck! *cough* *cough* bitch
356020 *cough* *cough* dick *cough* *cough* balls *cough* cough* cock
356021 *cough* *cough* uuuuuuuuaaagh damn
356022 bfft-ch bfh bfh bfh, bfft-ch bfh bfh bfh. Shit! Fuck rap music. Shit! ...bffft
356023 Round big balls!
356024 Fuck, fuck, fuckin' fuck fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuckin' fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck
356025 Fuck you, there's a fly in here!
356026 Mortal Dickhead!